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Our latest deals for you from your local Co-op. Below is a selection of our deals, you will find more deals available in our stores, check the shelf for details.

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Co-op Halloween Lolly, Chocolate Popping Eye Balls, Marshmallow Bones, Witches Fingers

£1 each, until 01.11.16

Mars Celebrations

buy any 2 for £9, 695g-766g, varieties as stocked, until 03/01/17

Co-op Fresh British Beef Mince 12% Fat/Fresh British Chicken Breast Fillets

Co-op Smoked/Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon

Co-op Fairtrade 99 Tea Bags 80s

Pumpkin Carving Set

£2 Each

Co-op British Medium Free Range Eggs

Co-op White Farmhouse Bread

Arctic Coffee Café Latte

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