Sustainable Palm Oil

In 2013 we used 3,891 tonnes (2012: 4,862 tonnes) of palm oil in 589 (2012: 616) own brand food products. All the palm oil in these products was certified as sustainable under one of the RSPO certification schemes19 – 2,174  representing 56% (2012: 49%) was obtained through segregated, traceable or identity preserved Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) sources, and for the remaining 44% (2012: 40%) we purchased GreenPalm Certificates which guarantee a price premium for CSPO producers, helping to support the sustainable development of the industry.

We also sold 165 cleaning and cosmetic products containing palm oil, with 24 tonnes of segregated sustainable palm oil and 385 tonnes of palm oil from uncertified sources. In previous years we failed to account for non-food products containing palm oil. In 2014, all palm oil in food and non-food products will be certified as sustainable under one of the RSPO certification schemes.

We aim to use segregated CSPO for all our own-brand requirements by 2015.

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