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Fairtrade is a trading partnership that focuses on sustainable development for poorer producers. It does this by providing better trading conditions, raising awareness of their situation and campaigning. The Co-operative was the first major retailer to champion Fairtrade, pioneering the sale of fairly traded goods before the FAIRTRADE Mark was introduced, and we continue to lead the way, with more Fairtrade sold, for the size of our business, than any of our competitors. Discover the projects we support to help producers, find out about our Fairtrade range of food and drink you can buy in store, and view our delicious recipes using Fairtrade ingredients.

Fairtrade and beyond

fairtrade beyond

Find out more about how we support thousands of Fairtrade producers, we are going beyond fairtrade.

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Discover our Fairtrade products

fairtrade products

Find out more about our range of Fairtrade products.

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Try our Fairtrade Recipes
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