What do we grow?

The Co-operative Farms has been farming since 1896, and our farm managers have a collective 700 years' experience! With so much experience to hand, and as the leading community food retailer, nothing makes better sense than for The Co-operative to grow our own food for our own stores. And indeed, our farms have been supplying our Food stores with potatoes for over 100 years!

As time went on we realised our customers were becoming more and more concerned about where their food comes from and how it has been produced. Working with our food team the Co-operative Farms have rebranded their ranges in order to support better the British farming message across our food stores. This highlights our position as one of the UK’s largest farmers and illustrates our support of the wider British farming industry.

We grow a variety of cereals, including wheat which goes into Co-operative packet flour, and a growing number of fruit and vegetables including potatoes, cider apples and peas - which all go into The Co-operative Food stores. See each product profile to find out more.


We focus on fresh, British, seasonal produce and therefore some products from our range are only available in store at certain times of the year. Please see individual products for further information.


The Co-operative Farms own 4 packhouses where we wash and pack fresh produce ready to be delivered to our stores.

Please visit where we farm for more information on Carnoustie, Longforgan, Highland Court and Langley Brook packhouses.

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