Bird's eye view of Oadby Lodge, Stoughton


The Co-operative Farms
Stoughton Estate
Oadby Lodge Farm
Gartree Road

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What we grow:


Bee hive


Rapeseed in flower

Spring beans

Spring beans during harvest

About the farm:

Stoughton has been owned by The Co-operative since 1919. Cereals are the main crops but in 2010 Stoughton looked after something a little different. It homed 3000 turkeys and reared them ready for Christmas.

The farm buildings at Stoughton were requisitioned by the RAF in World War 2. They built a hostel housing a gym for the pilots flying from the next door airfield. This is now where the children cook when they visit the farm.

Stoughton is the home of ground-breaking water-free toilets, built entirely from recycled materials and used by visiting From Farm to Fork children. 

From Farm to Fork contact information

Farm Manager:

Name: Robin Nurse

About Robin: I started my career with the Co-operative Farms in Essex, and was farm manager at Elton near Peterborough before my promotion to farm manager at Stoughton. This is my dream job, and I take particular delight in the agronomy of the crops with an eye to beating the performance of my colleagues further east!