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The Co-operative’s Responsible Fish Sourcing Policy, launched in 2008, is a method of assessing the sourcing of fish, and has been developed by The Co-operative along with its partner suppliers, academics and leading NGO’s, taking into account both environmental and ecological issues. It applies to all Co-operative own- brand fish, including canned and frozen and all products containing fish such as sandwiches.

There are two main areas of focus:


Top of the table

We have been ranked top in the Marine Conservation Society's (MCS)* Supermarket Seafood Survey 2011, scoring 84% and earning a gold award for sustainable seafood.  We were praised for our product labelling, Responsible Fish Sourcing Policy and other initiatives to improve the sustainability of the fishing industry. This was on top of MCS awarding us the same accolade in 2009



We were also named as one of only five worldwide recipients of a prestigious Seafood Champion Award for 2010. Recognised for “outstanding leadership in promoting environmentally responsible seafood**”, The Co-operative was the only UK recipient of an award, earned in recognition of its commitment to innovation and to sourcing seafood from responsible sources.

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Responsibly sourced

Our Responsible Fish Sourcing Policy means that our own brand fish range contains only fish from responsible sources. This includes frozen, chilled, canned and ready meals – in fact, any of our own brand food products that contain fish or seafood.  

The policy means that we are rigorous in carefully selecting and monitoring seafoodsuppliers who are able to demonstrate the highest levels of good practice. Thatmeans we only source our fish from well-managed fisheries. We also actively avoidvulnerable species and never purchase fish where the origin or method of catching is unknown.

So the next time you fancy fish or seafood, make sure you catch it from a responsible source – your local Co-operative.

Find out how Responsible Fish Sourcing fits in with our wider Ethical Plan


Pole and Line Tuna

As of December 2011 all of our own-brand tuna comes from fisheries employing pole and line or hand line fishing method. Pole and line fishing is a selective way of catching tuna without the bycatch issues associated with other catch methods.

Find out more about our Wild Caught Fish policy.


Freedom Food Salmon

As of March 2012, all our farmed fresh and smoked salmon has come from farmsaccredited to RSPCA Freedom Food higher welfare standards. The RSPCA Freedom Food standard means more space for the salmon to swim in, better waterquality, minimal handling and farmers who are trained to Freedom Food standards.

Find out more about our Farmed Fish sourcing policy.


* The MCS, a UK charity dedicated to the protection of seas, shores and wildlife, scores food retailers against criteria including seafood-sourcing policies, whether fish on sale comply with its own “eat” and “avoid” lists and how seafood is labelled.

** Excludes Petfood

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