What consumers think

Supporting home producers matters because shoppers say that supporting British is important to them, and they want to see the UK have a sustainable farming industry. There is a huge groundswell of support and enthusiasm for more British food in shopping aisles. Consumers also demand strong pledges from supermarkets on sourcing from UK farms. Home-grown products instil greater confidence, appear more traceable and, above all, are important to the vast majority of today’s shoppers.

The top reasons for shoppers ‘buying British’ are that it shows support for the UK’s farmers and growers and, for two in every three consumers, it helps support UK employment.

Consumers state that the origin of their food is the second most important piece of information they want to see on a label – beaten only by use/sell by dates but ahead of weight, nutritional information and product description.

Consumers believe that supermarkets should do more to support UK farming. 88% feel that more should be done to back farming. In addition, nine out of ten people believe supermarkets should sell more food from British farms while 87% would like food retailers to make stronger pledges.

When buying fresh food what do you want to know?

Nearly 50% of consumers want to know the origin when buying fresh food.

90% Feel supermarkets should sell more food from British farms.

The Red Tractor logo is now the 2nd most important piece of information on the label.