You'll have plenty of choice

When you go into the Co-op, you’ll find lots of ways to eat a bit better. We’ll always stock a wide range of healthy inspiring food choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we’ve got loads of fresh fruit and veg to inspire you in every store. We offer plenty of ‘Free From’ foods too, which are free of ingredients like gluten and dairy.


Granola with dried fruit


Wholegrain sandwiches
and wraps


Great choice of healthier meal

Eating well won’t be boring

Because there’s more than one way to eat healthily, we’ve worked hard to make things more interesting. From healthier portion controlled snacks and our delicious Food to Go range, to delicious smoothies that really do taste delicious, there’s something for everyone. And because things are always changing, we’ll never stop coming up with great new products and ideas - ones that reflect the ways you really want to eat.

Portion controlled snacks

Food to Go range

Delicious smoothies

Our products will work hard to be healthy

We know you want to eat a balanced diet, and that sometimes, you just want to make a quick choice. So we promise to do some of the hard work for you. We’ll carry on reducing the amount of sugar, salt, fat and calories in our products so you don’t have to worry about it - and we’ll make sure they still taste great, too.

Healthy Kebabs
50% less fat and low in saturated fats potato salad

We’ll make things clear

We’ll always give you the information you need to help make the right choices. The labels on our products are clear and honest, with at-a-glance colour coded nutrition information on all our food.

Our ‘green dot’ messages, which tell you when something has a health benefit like being high in fibre or low fat, can also be seen on hundreds of our products, making it even easier to choose healthier food every day.

Eating well won’t cost you too much

We know how annoying it is if you have to pay more for healthy food, which is why we make sure over a 1/3rd of food and drinks on special offer are healthier option. We also promise that Co-op products in our low or reduced fat range won’t be more expensive than the standard version.

Every time you go in-store you’ll see our Fresh 3 offers in the fruit and veg aisles, too - three great, fresh products at brilliant, low prices.

Fresh 3 spring onions, plum tomatoes and little gem lettuce