We’ve long known that animal welfare is important to you, our customers and members, so we are committed to creating products that have been produced to good animal welfare standards, regardless of your budget.

We support animal welfare through schemes such as Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured and our own-brand animal welfare standards. To help us achieve this we’ve established Co-op Farming Groups to strengthen our supply chain, and we plan to extend this in the future. We have dedicated long-term relationships with more than 400 carefully selected farmers through these Farming Groups. These farmers produce our fresh meat, poultry and milk to the high standards that you expect. We work with the farmers to monitor and improve the health and welfare of the animals and fish, and to address any environmental and ethical issues on the supply chain.

All fresh, frozen and prepared own-brand meat and poultry products sold under the Co-op brand is produced from 

livestock reared to strict standards of animal welfare, which meet the Red Tractor logo standards or equivalent.

We have, for many years, looked to improve the welfare of animals. Back in the 1990s we started labelling the living conditions of the hens on egg boxes and, following on from this, in 2008 we became the first convenience retailer to use only free-range own-brand eggs. And since 2010, all the eggs used in our own-brand products have been free-range too.

  1. Farmers care for their animals by following the Five Freedoms welfare code:
  2. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  3. Freedom from discomfort
  4. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  5. Freedom to express normal behaviour
  6. Freedom from fear and distress