At the Co-op, we support nearly 2,000 UK farmers and we have dedicated long-term relationships with more than 400, who are all part of the Co-op Farming Groups. These 400 carefully selected ‘foundation’ farms focus on growing and rearing animals to the Co-op's high standards.

They provide chicken, pork, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus beef, Cambrian lamb and milk, through a transparent supply chain. Since the establishment of the Co-op Dairy Group in 2011, we’ve launched five additional Farming Groups to cover our own-brand fresh British meat and poultry. Together, the six groups help to maintain our strict animal welfare policies and encourage long-term investment and improvements to sustainability, efficiency and training.

Our farming groups

Farming group structure

The structure of the groups is based on five agricultural pillars, and farms are rated as Bronze, Silver or Gold, based on their performance against our pillar model. Regardless of their rating, all farms meet our health and quality standards, and work with us to promote our values.


The three further pillars focus on sustainability, the environment, and ethical and training initiatives. As farms progress through the pillars to become Silver or Gold farms, they receive an additional premium according to the level they achieve.

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Responsible sourcing