At the Co-op, we believe healthier birds lay healthier eggs. That’s why are free range eggs come from RSPCA assured farms, whose work we have championed since 1994.

We are proud to have played a part in improving life for thousands of hens – since 1994 we have been collaborating with the RSPCA to develop schemes such as Freedom Foods. In 2004, it became compulsory to label eggs according to how the hens were farmed.

The Co-op went further and in 2007, following our customers’ feedback, we decided to sell only free range own-brand eggs. Since 2010, all the eggs used in our own-brand products have also been free range.

As part of the Freedom Foods scheme, all the farms that supply our eggs are regularly inspected to ensure they maintain the required levels of welfare for their hens. 

This leaves the birds free to roam and leaves you free to enjoy your scrambled, poached, fried or boiled eggs in the knowledge that they have come from healthy, happy birds.


What does free range mean?

• Hens have constant daytime access to outside areas

• They are free to move around their territory and forage in vegetation

• Farms have perches and an adequate nesting area for laying eggs, as well as shelter and shade from outside

• Hens are free to exhibit natural behaviour

Why should I buy eggs from Co-op?

  • Where are your eggs sourced from?

    All our fresh eggs are 100% British Free Range and carry the British Lion Quality Mark.  All eggs used in our ingredients are from free range or organic hens.

  • How do you know that the laying hens are well cared for?

    All of the laying hens are raised to our strict animal welfare standards. This means that the hens have constant access to outside areas and are free to move around and forage in vegetation. They have access to food and water at all times and can move freely around the shed where they can interact with their companions. They are also able to stimulate natural behaviour through environmental enrichment in the housing such as perches and straw bales. They have adequate nesting areas and access for laying eggs as well as shelter and shade from outside

    Laying hens used to produce our free range fresh eggs are certified to the British Lion Quality Mark, meaning they are produced to high standards of food safety and

    Find out more about The Co-operative’s commitments to animal welfare >

  • How can I be sure that I am buying the best quality eggs available?

    Remember to choose products labelled with the British Lion Quality Mark – eggs produced on British farms backed with the best assurance of quality

Case Study: David and Caroline Bradley

David and Caroline Bradley from Yorkshire are producers of free range eggs for The Co-operative Food. They live on a family farm in the beautiful location of the Yorkshire coast. Historically they have pig farmers but moved into Free Range Egg production just under 7 years ago.

The farm is made up of four flocks of 16,000 birds over 80 acres of grass and woodland. Both Caroline and David walk around the farm 4-5 times a day checking the birds. The birds are all free range meaning they have constant daytime access to outside areas and free to move around, play and forage. They have perches to jump on, footballs and buckets to play with and adequate nesting areas for laying hens.

They are proud that they ensure their farming practices do not impact the countryside surrounding them to look after it for the next generation of farmers. They have planted 20% trees over the 80 acres they farm. These trees also benefits the birds as they can use them for shade, pecking and dust bathing. They believe that healthy birds, quality feed, good welfare and access outdoors makes great quality eggs.

“It’s the overall care and attention you put into looking after the birds that really makes the difference."

David & Caroline Bradley - Co-op Egg laying Producers

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