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Real Ale can invoke a variety of different thoughts and images. Some may shy away from the myriad of styles and flavours, while others may have passionate and enthusiastic support for real ale and a huge amount of knowledge about the styles, brands and producers.

The aim of The Co-operative ale range is to remain loyal to the dedicated followers of real ale by fulfilling their high standards. Also to act as comfortable first steps for anyone new to real ale.

We present four Ales that demonstrate a variety of styles and flavours from the Strong Brown Ale expertly brewed for us by Thwaites to three unique styles brewed for us by Freeminer, each described here in glorious mouth watering detail.


The Co-operative Fairtrade Bumble Bee Honey Ale,
4.6% abv

This Fairtrade Ale is produced using the finest Chilean Wild Flower Fairtrade Honey, and the best of British malt and hops. The barley is now sourced from Co-operative Farms in Gloucestershire and the hops from Worcestershire.

Bumble Bee Fairtrade Honey Ale brewed and created by Freeminer reflect its origins in the bottle. At 4.6% abv this is a refreshing beer with subtle hop flavours blending with a premium malt character, and a sublime parting note of wild flowers growing on a Chilean hillside memorable until the next bottle.

Honey Ale was the first ever licensed own label Fairtrade beer when it was first launched in 2005. Best served chilled, Bumble Bee is an ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of foods from Caesar salad, chicken and pasta through to cheesecake! 

Using Fairtrade Honey, ensures a fair deal for farmers and a great beer for you.


The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Gold Miner Ale
500ml, 5.0% abv.

This CAMRA-approved bottle-conditioned ale is made using a single variety of hop, the “First Gold”, which produces beer with a well-balanced bitterness combined with fruity, slightly spicy, orange and citrus notes.

The Co-operative’s Gold Miner Bottle-Conditioned Ale from the Freeminer Brewery won a coveted “Q” Award in the beers and ciders category at the prestigious Quality Food & Drink Awards 2003.

The ale is brewed exclusively for The Co-operative by the Freeminer Brewery in the Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, it is pale gold in colour with intense, refreshing hop flavours and a comforting soft maltiness.  The malted barley is grown in the Cotswolds and on Salisbury Plain and handcrafted in Britain’s oldest working floor maltings situated in Warminster. 


The Co-operative Organic, Fairtrade Ale

Organic Premium Ale from The Co-operative is the first ever nationally listed bottled beer that is Fairtrade, organic and vegetarian.

Brewed exclusively for The Co-op using best quality British Organic malt, choice organic hops and Fairtrade Demerara sugar.

The Fairtrade Demerara is produced by a farmers cooperative in Malawi, providing the producers with a fair price for their produce. Freeminer takes it and combines it with the best ingredients they can source to provide an exclusive product to The Co-operative, which is satisfying for the body and easy on the conscience. 

Hop bitterness and malt character combine in total harmony, with a distinctive lightness provided by the Fairtrade Demerara, sliding gently into a unique and memorable lightly floral finish.
It lends itself to a variety of food from a traditional Ploughman’s lunch to Chinese Food.


The Co-operative Strong Brown Ale
5% Abv

Brought to The Co-operative by Daniel Thwaites of Lancashire, a family brewer with over 200 years of brewing expertise and beer know how.

This is a dark mahogany coloured ale that is brewed using 100% Pearl Malt and it's unmistakable hoppy aroma is derived from the unique combination of Challenger, Goldings and Fuggles Hops.
Full in body, The Co-operative Strong Brown has lovely bittersweet flavours and the hoppy finish make it an ideal combination with beef, game, strong cheeses and deserts such as Eccles cakes. Or why savour alongside Lancashire Hot Pot for an authentic taste of the North-west! Serve lightly chilled".

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