Tasty Lunch range

loved by us

Bored of squashed ham sandwiches? Check out our lunch range for something a bit more exciting.



 Introducing our new and improved pizzas. There's something for everyone, with thin and crispy bases, deep pan or stuffed crust. Plus you’ll find an even wider choice of toppings, too.


Turn everyday meals into special occasions with our Irresistible range. And our food doesn’t just look good - it’s packed full of quality ingredients that make it taste great.

Food on the Go

food on the go

Ever found yourself eating toast as you run out of the door in the morning? Next time, grab something from our breakfast on the go range. And our lunch food is tasty too, for all you lunch-box abandoners.



We love pies. We love them so much, our pies are always filled right to the top with 100%, good quality British meat. No nasty surprises for you, then.

Ready meals

ready meals

Sometimes you have to rely on your microwave. But don’t worry, ready meals can still be exciting with our tasty range. It includes meat, fish and even veggie dishes. All ready in a flash.