Fair prices locally on the things
you buy every day

At your local store, you'll see fair prices our quality products, such as eggs, British chicken and bread. Each month, we'll review more products and prices, so you can be confident that when you pick up your everyday essentials, you’ll see more change in your pocket.

Authentic croissants this side of the Channel

Fresh croissants for breakfast? Oui oui! Made in France using an all-butter recipe and French flour, we prepare them daily in store for freshness, ours are hard to beat.

Our tasty cooked meat is always 100% British

Good farmers mean great-tasting food. That’s why we support the best British farmers, to make sure you get high quality meat.

Milk tastes better when it’s from happy cows

Our farmers do everything to keep their cows chilled out. Why? Because stress-free cows make great tasting milk.

You can count on us for British chicken

We really care about the food we sell. Our chicken is always British, and reared by farmers we know and trust.

British Eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Whether it’s poached, scrambled or fried, our British eggs taste great.

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Bread, 79p a loaf

Packed lunches just got cheaper

Bread, it’s important, that’s why we charge 79p for our new sliced loaves.

From golden toast in the morning, to the hero sandwich at lunch, we know bread is important to you. Look out for Co-op white farmhouse, wholemeal farmhouse, white toastie and wholemeal loaf, 800g, in store for only 79p a loaf.

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Bread 75p a loaf