When you're a new parent, the advice of people who've been there before can be really reassuring. Which is why our nappy range has been tested by a team of parents. They tried them on their babies and young children to make sure they really work.

The families we asked to test our disposable nappies scored them highly on how easy they are to use - which is pretty important when you’ve only got two hands. They also loved how well they work, and their quality.

As well as getting our testers’ thumbs up, our nappies feature a core that’s designed for a snug fit, with a soft, comfortable lining to keep your baby happy. They’re dermatologically tested to protect your baby’s skin, and come in 5 sizes - New Born, Mini, Midi, Maxi and Junior.

You can also find 4+ and 5+ nappies in store, with extra absorbency that’s just right for night time. And our new own brand My First Pants are great for helping children through potty training.

Easy to get on and off, they’ve got stretchy sides and leg cuffs so you won’t see any leaks when your little one’s running around. And at £4.00 for a pack of 20, they’re well worth it to avoid a load of extra laundry.  

A guide to baby changing

Like anything, changing a baby gets easier with practice. But the first few times can feel a lot harder than it looks.

Start by getting everything you need in one place. You’ll need cotton wool and warm water or some baby wipes, and a spare set of clothes (for the baby, not for you. OK, maybe for you too). You might not need these after the first few weeks, but better safe than sorry.

The NHS recommends that you try to leave your baby’s nappy off for as long and as often as you can to let fresh air get to the skin. It might help prevent nappy rash, too.

Always have a good supply of nappies nearby, and make sure you’re using the right size for your baby’s weight.

It can feel like a bit of a chore, but is actually a great time to bond with your baby. Talk, sing, laugh, pull faces - as well as helping with their development, it might help take your mind off the job at hand.

"I tend to use leading brand nappies but have occasionally used other supermarkets own brand nappies, I feel the Co-op brand nappies were just as good as the leading brand and was very impressed with them."

"96% of our parent panel agreed that our nappy fitted their child well"

"I have an active 18 month old and some own brand versions leave too much space between nappy and my baby that it looks uncomfortable. These were very impressive…"