Why choose Fairtrade?

Our Fairtrade products are really important to us - and we know they’re important to you, too. Over the years, the Co-op has sold tens of millions of bottles of Fairtrade wine, and more than £2.5m has gone back to support projects that help vineyard workers and their families. We currently sell 25 different Fairtrade wines from South Africa, Chile and Argentina, and more are still to come. Watch this space.

Fairtrade Pinot Grigio

Co-op food Fairtrade Pinot Grigio

Our Fairtrade Pinot Grigio comes from Argentina and has notes of freshly-picked apples and white flowers. Take a sip, and you get hints of sweet peach and crisp apple, making this a lovely, light wine that’s great for drinking on its own - and it goes well with fish or salad.

Fairtrade Chardonnay

Co-op food Fairtrade Chardonnay

Our Fairtrade Chardonnay from South Africa is fresh and light, with hints of citrus and lychee. Some of the blend has been exposed to French oak, so you’ll find it has a subtle vanilla creaminess as well as peach and apricot flavours. Great for picnics and light evening meals, ideal with creamy kormas or seafood salad, it’s also excellent on its own. Here’s to that.

Fairtrade Malbec

Co-op food Fairtrade Malbec

Rodolfo Griguol is one of Argentina’s most respected winemakers and the man behind our Fairtrade Malbec - the star of our Fairtrade wine range. Harvested by hand and aged in oak barrels, one sip is enough to tell you this wine is something special. Its plummy red fruit flavours, velvety texture and firm, sweet tannins means our Malbec tastes amazing - and goes brilliantly with a Co-op steak.

Q&A on Fairtrade wine

  • What is Fairtrade?

    When you buy a Fairtrade product, you know the people who made it have been given a fair deal. They’ll also receive funds for projects that mean better housing, education and health for producers and their families. We’re passionate about Fairtrade, and that includes our wines, which come from vineyards across South Africa and South America. If you want to find out more, visit www.fairtrade.org.uk.

  • Why should I choose Fairtrade wine?

    If one of our wines is Fairtrade, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the same great quality as our other wines. All our wines - Fairtrade included - are carefully chosen by us for their flavour, and are good value too. So if you go for an award-winning Chardonnay-Viognier or our Truly Irresistible Malbec, you know the wine you’ve chosen will be delicious as well as fair.

  • Who benefits from Fairtrade wine?

    We work with Fairtrade producers in South Africa, Chile and Argentina on projects that help farm workers and their families. We’re particularly proud of a clean water facility in Argentina, and a secondary school that’s been built for more than 300 children. Projects like these make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of people, which is why Fairtrade is so important.

  • Which Fairtrade wines should I choose?

    Whichever wine you choose, you can be sure it’s delicious. From Argentinian Torrontés-Chardonnay, to tropical fruit-laden Chardonnay from South Africa and a plummy Chilean Carmenere, we’ve got something to suit every taste. We also work with well-known brands like Arniston Bay and Namaqua, whose wines are sold in the Co-op and are Fairtrade too.