making the website as accessible as we can

The Co-operative standard for accessibility is to ensure that the RNIB See It Right standard is achieved. This features most of W3Cs AA guidelines and some AAA standards. Websites must be audited by the RNIB See It Right team for accreditation so that the logo can be used.

We are continuing to work on our websites to improve the accessibility and to meet the requirements of the See it Right Award. 

To find out about the benefits of the See it Right standard for people using web sites, please visit the RNIB Accessible Web Site - benefits for visitors page

Ease of use

The design and layout of this site takes into account the needs of visually impaired users. This website is compatible with a wide range of screen reading software, and can be navigated using just a keyboard. See the Access keys page for more details.

When using a URL link on this site, please be aware that all internal links (links that go to another page of The Co-operative website) will open in the same window. Some external links (links that lead to another website) may open in a new window.

Text only

There is a link at the top left of every page to view the site as text only.

Text size

If using Internet Explorer 5 and above, it is possible to resize the text by pressing the control key (CTRL) and moving your mouse wheel up and down. If you do not have a mouse wheel you can resize the text from the browser menu [view] [text size] [largest / smallest].

Earlier browsers may be able to resize the text in other ways.

Downloading PDF files

If you use access technology to view PDF documents, go to the Adobe Accessibility Resource Center site which provides information and tools. An online PDF conversion tool can be found at online conversion tools for Adobe PDF documents.

PDF files can be downloaded and sent to Adobe for conversion to HTML or text. Email to or