Dry range

Our complete dry cat food contains high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and is 100% complete and balanced. It is suitable as part of your cat’s diet to support its health and wellbeing. No added artificial colours or flavours means that it is both delicious and nutritious.

Can range

Available in gravy and jelly varieties, our can range is sold in single and multipacks using meaty and fish recipes. As with all our cat food, our recipe includes added fish oils, which contain nourishing fatty acid; these are known to have several health benefits, including a healthy skin and coat.

Alutray range

Specially prepared and cooked just the right amount to seal in the goodness of the meat and fish, our tray range is made of tasty terrines, available in single serve foil trays.

Pouch range

We use meat and fish recipes to make our pouch range, which consists of meaty chunks covered in delicious gravy and delicate jellies. Pouches are available for both kitten and senior cats so you can help ensure your cat is getting the nutrition required for its current life stage. We also have gourmet pouches in three tasty varieties for when it is treat time!