Complete range

Our complete dry dog food is 100% complete and balanced, with high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to help support your dog’s health and wellbeing. It contains no added artificial colours or flavours, which means healthy, nutritious and tasty food for your furry companion.

Can range

We have a wide range of delicious meaty varieties available in both gravy and jelly, cooked just right to seal in the natural goodness of our carefully selected ingredients. Our can range is available as singles and multipacks so they are perfect for a last-minute buy or for stocking up.

Alutray range

Our foiled tray dog food comes in a selection of deliciously meaty terrines, available in single serve trays or convenient multipacks for an extra choice of flavours. Each tray is packed with carefully selected ingredients to deliver nutritious and high quality proteins.


Our dog food is:

  • Complete and balanced – an excellent choice for dogs
  • Contains no added artificial colours or flavours
  • Packed with natural, wholesome ingredients
  • Promotes nutrition for life
  • Available in a variety of tasty and delicious flavours
  • Made using meats that are carefully chosen for superior digestibility and natural nutrition