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Frequently Asked Questions

  • List of all our vegan products?

    Please download our list of vegan products as a PDF document, or alternatively as jpeg images. Our list of wines suitable for vegans is also available here as a PDF document, or alternatively as jpeg images.

  • List of all our gluten-free products?

    Please download our list of gluten-free products as a PDF document, or alternatively as jpeg images.

  • List of all our vegetarian products?

    Please download our list of vegan products as a PDF document, or alternatively as jpeg images.

  • I would like to become a member – how do I do this?

    You can contact the Membership Helpline on 0800 0234708 or follow this link

  • My Membership Card is damaged or I have moved house, who do I notify?

    You can contact the Membership Helpline on 0800 0234708.

  • How do I find out details about the other Co-operative Businesses i.e. Funeralcare/Electrical/Insurance?

    All details can be found by following this link

  • How do I find out about The Co-operative sponsoring our team?

    All details can be found by following this link

  • I would like to view CCTV from one of your stores with regards to an incident that I was involved in; how do I go about this?

    Please download our CCTV request form as a PDF document 

  • I have a product which I purchased whereby I would like to report a fault with it; how do I do this?

    You can contact our Careline Team either via email, telephone 0800 0686 727 or our web form with the following details: 

    1 Your Name/Address/Contact Telephone Number/Email

    2  Description of the product/Barcode of Product/Date Code/Any additional codes/Details of where you purchased the product/Nature of complaint

  • I am not happy with how I was handled by a store colleague in one of your stores; who can I discuss this with?

    You can contact our Careline Team either via email, telephone on 0800 0686 727 or our Web form with the following details:

    1  Your Name/Address/Contact Telephone Number/Email

    2  Nature of complaint/Time the incident occurred/Store details/Where possible name of colleagues involved

  • What is your policy on refunds/replacements?

    When a customer is dissatisfied for whatever reason with any of our products and returns it, we would offer a Single Refund or a Replacement Product. You should present some Proof of Purchase that verifies you purchased the product from one of our Stores (it does not have to be the original Store of purchase). Proof of Purchase may include a receipt or own brand product wrapper/container.

  • What is the stance, as a company, on Israel?

    Our member-mandated Human Rights and Trade Policy was adopted in 2009 and established the exceptional circumstances under which we will withdraw all trade from a particular state, area or settlement. One such circumstance is where there is a broad international consensus that the status of a settlement is illegal.  There are only two examples of such settlements: the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and the Moroccan settlements in Western Sahara. On this basis, our policy has been not to source any produce or own-brand product from these settlements.  In 2012, The Co-operative Board determined that, going forward, we will additionally no longer engage with any supplier of produce known to be sourcing from the illegal Israeli settlements. This decision impacted four suppliers. In reaching this decision, the Board was mindful of the additional costs involved in the tracing and auditing of all produce supplied by these businesses. We can state categorically that our position does not constitute a boycott of Israeli businesses. Indeed, we remain firmly committed to sourcing produce from Israel, and we continue to have valued arrangements with Israeli businesses that do not source from the illegal settlements. To date, our position has not lead to a significant reduction in our overall trade with Israeli business. Recent changes in the board representation of The Co-operative Group do not alter the fact that our Human Rights and Trade Policy remains reflective of the legitimate concerns our members have regarding human rights in our supply chain. There has been no change in the international consensus on the status of the illegal Israeli settlements and there are currently no plans to review our policy position to withhold trade from illegal Israeli settlements.

  • I would like more clarification on Palm Oil in your products.

    At The Co-operative Group, we are acutely aware of all the issues regarding the production of palm oil and can assure you this is something we take very seriously. Firstly, in line with our honest labelling policy, you will find that we label palm oil in the ingredients list of all our own-brand products. This is not a legal requirement and the majority of other retailers will choose to use the generic "vegetable oil" instead. We feel that by giving our customers all the information regarding the ingredients that go into our own-brand products, customers can then make informed choices about whether they buy these products. The Co-operative is committed to the principles of sustainably managed agriculture. Sustainability being defined as agricultural practices which aim to optimise the needs of consumers, society, the environment and the farmer, including his or her community. In view of this commitment, The Co-operative has ensured that all the palm oil in our own-brand products is certified as sustainable under one of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification schemes. Unfortunately we cannot comment on branded products.

  • What is the Co-operative's position on REACH?

    REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)  Regulation EC 1907/2006 came into force in 2007, the implementation of this regulation will be phased in over an 11 year period until 2018. The Co-operative Group supports the overall principals and objectives of the regulation to further improve the protection of human health and the environment.

    The Co-operative Group will ensure all its obligations under REACH are met including the provision to supply information on the use of any SVHC's (substances of very high concern) within an article as identified by REACH.

    The Co-operative Group is also working with its suppliers to ensure they fulfil their obligations under REACH including the possible restriction and substitutions of certain chemicals.

  • Where can I find the Co-operative’s Supplier Information for Chemicals?

    As part of our legal obligations under the Detergents Directive, we are required to publish certain information on the internet regarding ingredients lists and allergen information to highlight any chemicals in our household products. Follow the links below to view this information on detergent information: